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xDiavel rear bag

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Just installed the Ducati xDiavel rear bag. Fits great and easy to install.
Since no instructions came with this part number
96781061A This bag actually has xDiavel on the side.

97781061B is for a Diavel. They are not interchangeble.
Here is a simple instruction not provided:
1. remove the seat and the Xdiavel rear seat. They are two pieces not one like a Diavel.
2. remove the strap and keep the two bolts as you will use them again.
3. Install the two provide Straps with the long side towards the tail and short side to the front of the bike.
4. Reinstall the rear seat with the straps exposed.
5. Reinstall the seat making sure the end of the straps is exposed A tight fit but it works..
6. Mount the Ducati rear bag with the straps on the bag loose.
7. Tighten the strap until the bag is secure.

The End.
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