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I was given this info by a guy on the Ducati Insurance team, it might save you a few quid if you have to claim on your insurance..

When you take out insurance for your bike you have to usually have a compulsory excess say £100. Then you are usually asked how much you would like as a voluntary excess say £250.

So if you have to make a claim you will get £350 less from your insurance payout.

Next time you renew your insurance try and put the lowest voluntary excess you can and see if it makes a difference to your premium costs.

I just been doing it on the MCN insurance comparison site and a voluntary excess of £250 compared to no voluntary excess made a total difference of £10 over the year.

So a high voluntary excess isnt really saving you bugger all especially if you need to claim.

This might not work for everyone depends on age etc but I always thought I was getting a better deal by having a higher voluntary excess......Another insurance con..
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