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Hello all - if you read my other post re Termi slip ons.........update..

After ummming and ahhhing for some time and looking through all available options...
(In the end I found the Termi slip ons a little too elegant/exotic/extravagant....I'm not elegant NOR exotic - although I did like the sound).

I looked at all the slip on contenders - the Termi slipons (as above) are too long & somehow organic.
The Werkes, Termi full, Zorbs, Shift tech, Akrapovic, Powercone, Arrow, HP Corse and others I found either too short OR not nice looking......each to their own.

In the end I decided on the GPR GPE Titanium and carbon fibre...arrived yesterday, fitted last night!

My thoughts?

Love the look, love the Size, love the weight reduction - so much lighter than the Stock & termi end cans...
So I decided on the look, but was worried that they may not sound as nice as the Termis - I need not have worried - they sound Cream!

At tickover - Nicer!
Revving sounds Gorgeous - so much more Aggresive than the stock or Termis.
And LOUDER; I have the Baffles in and DB killer out.....but still noticeably louder & I wont be taking out the baffles - apart to hear what it sounds likre, but for my taste more than loud enough with the Baffles in.....
And of course for Diavel slip-ons "cheap" at 300 notes.
Hopefully going to meet a mate for breakfast Sunday (weather permitting).
And I'll post some pics then - Cheers all.
Safe happy riding!

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As I got a chance to "go & fill up with petrol" today..
Although my better half was quite keen to know, how when the garage is 5 minutes down the road - did it take me 2 1/2 hours...........Oppps....

Titanium GPE....
Love the size, far nicer than the Termi slip ons...
And with the Termi ECU - I noticed an increase in power.
Seriously I did!
I also noticed my Devilish flipped over quicker - again seriously; but going from Termi slip ons or even stock there is a massive reduction in weight.
Far nicer sounding, far nicer looking and I believe firmly that it had an effect on power and handling.

I'd see a Doctor about that! :p
Yes to ride by, but it will be a little while!
In my opinion the nicest looking cans for the Diavel.


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A quick vid (only realised when I picked up the camera that the battery was almost dead).
My GSX1400 with Beowulf CF end cans (No noise restrictors).
And my;
GPR GPE Titanium/CF with no db killer or baffles.

The Vid doesn't do either of them justice, but it gives you a rough idea.
Obviously they sound would be slightly different in a drive by, due to engine load and of course the Doppler effect.
A slightly more conventional exhaust for the devil...but I like it
& at £309....I liked it even more


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No sorry, I don't like that exhaust at all, it's far to long and covers up that awesome exposed rear wheel! It looks like a sport touring bike exhaust, too big and too long.

Ducati spend all that money on a single sided swing arm, why choose to cover that gorgeous exposed rear wheel with a huge exhaust!

I think the black Remus is the best slip-on option on the market by the way.

But like you say, each to their own! As long as you like it, thats the main thing.

Yes indeed RBD - fair play to you!
It was a toss up between the GPR and the Remus - I do rate the Remus but it is a little to SHORT for my liking!
If I hadn't got the GPR then I would have a Remus Black.
And Variety is the spice of life.
Now I'm off to have some tomato ketchup & Cucumber sandwiches

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RBD - Brown sauce on your cucumber sandwiches - Ewwww that's grim!
Almost put me off my rice crispies, which is the only time I use Brown sauce.

Daddies, HP, Daddies, HP?..
I alwys have HP...cos I can stare at the bottle as I pour it over said cereal.
Look at the Houses of Parliament - & think longingly;
"Guy Fawkes - where are you, when we need you...?"
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