Complete 1/2 year old Termi / Termignoni Racing exhaust system for Ducati Diavel 1260 / S / Black Stealth (2019 -2022) For sale.

NB - Of course the "up-map key" is included! Do not look blindly at exhaust systems that are sold cheaply on the Internet. It is only through Ducati dealers that it is sold with up-map and not online stores. Up-map follows the exhaust (purchased from a dealer) and the frame number of the bike. Upon disassembly, a code / voucher is obtained when it is reset to the original, which the next owner can use. Without it, you are lost, and end up buying an entire Termi system from a dealer.

Assembly is done easily yourself, or about 2.5 hours of working hours at your dealer.

This has been Black ceramic coated (black matt heat-resistant "paint" to 1100 ° C, including both DB killer, exhaust support, etc. Can also be included / addition a "Glossy twill weave" carbon cover, similar to the pattern that is delivered on e.g. Lamborghini edition.

Termingnoni exhaust for you who want a more sporty feel, lower weight, more sound and are a few hp extra. Audio clips are on YouTube - just search there. Ready in original packaging - ready for shipment. Weight reduction is about 10.8 kg vs Termi about 3.85 kg. The 162hp version gives the exhaust 5hp extra.

"Hardware" / exhaust also fits Xdiavel / S / Black Star (2018-2022), however, this model has side support (prevent the support from hitting the exhaust) and that T-band clamps must be used due to lack of attachment to the exhaust "spring". 2 clamp with part number 74142651A must be purchased in addition / 2 "T-band clamp at car supplies store.
With the up-map code that comes with the switch, it only switches between which bike and program is entered in the ECU / engine control unit.

New price for exhaust is € 2,262, -
Ceramic coating € 3 50, - Carbon lid € 125, -
sold for a total of € 1,825 + shipping costs worldwide