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Hi everyone,

My first thread here. Got my Diavel 1260s 3 month ago and am in love with it.

I'm doing some mods on it look wise, like moving the license plate to the left side and blinkers etc.

I want do replace the under plate of the rear, I think it's called undertail? But I can't find it anywhere. Does someone know how to find this. I would like to have a metallic black one instead of the standard matte black.
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Would be great if someone could help me out in this one 馃榿

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I think it's already threads about tail tidy solution for the Diavel 1260.

Seen someone do it on the T-bar, Evo Tech have another solution

For the "underplate" "Red Ducati " you mention, I this you just have to go to a painter and get it Glossy. Beware that very prone to stone marks and destroy the paint there.

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Evotech are the only ones who make a 'factory fit' tail tidy. But using theirs, they make you take out the taillights.

I had mine custom made.

In terms of the undertail, you could buy a previous years undertail and then just put a high gloss clear over it. That way stone chips won't be as noticeable. And trust me, you'll get stone chips. I've had my undertail painted three times now.
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