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Suggestions to address a pinhole crack in head between coolant chamber and exhaust port

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I did a pressure test with some dye and at about 25 psi I noticed the dye was coming into the exhaust port as shown above. There appears to be 1 or 2 pinhole leaks just above the valve seat (as you see it in the picture) that do not start until about 13 psi. My question is, has anyone ever used some type of "cold weld" product, like a steel epoxy, and if so, then how long did the epoxy last. I am trying to determine whether it is worth trying the epoxy or just buy a new head. If I am just going to have redo all this in less than 1000 miles, then the epoxy is not worth it. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

FYI - this is the clutch side vertical cylinder exhaust port on a 2012 Ducati Diavel with 1198 engine.
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