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Stock Windscreen

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Does anyone have a stock windscreen or whatever its called in great condition that they want to sell?
Mine has the one pictured and im wanting the stock one to switch back and forth.


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I think this is our friend who has every part imaginable for sale.
Send money now.

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Beware of folks with 1 or 2 posts .....
3 times I have inquired about something and a different person promises the part im looking for.
Another member asked me this guys screen name and I realized I neglected to include it in my previous post.
No matter, its always a different guy with the same shoddy English .

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I put a Puig on my XDiavel and I love it. Quality and convenience are great. It's small enough to look great, yet it also deflects nearly all wind. Its truly amazing. The bike is infinitely better to ride because of it.

You looking for the cover or the addition screen?
You looking for the cover or the addition screen?
Whatever the bike originally came with.
Every get 2 I see, online and otherwise, always has an aftermarket screen on it.

The pic above is my bike and thats how I bought it.
I want a more streamlined look.
Ill probably just take it off but im not sure if stock had something in its place.
Ahh the lil guy. Vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Fender

I’d think eBay would have several. As we all seem to swap. All I see are carbon fibre. If it’s a newer model ducati will ship it to you. Tho I’d imagine someone has one. I keep all my Oem parts of I would. there are severs almost like Oem but slightly sexier out. Looking tho, no cheap Oem I can see. Good luck
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