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Seasonal switchover

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So I got a cpl of bikes (or so) and that's all well & good but fack it's hard ($$$) keepin' 'em all in registration.
To be honest most of the time I alternate between the Diavel and my 2012 FXDWG.

Poles apart so always a nice change at the 3 monthly changeover.
Anyhow, it's the Duc's turn for a run.
She is at 349xx kms now and still holding up quite well.
Tires around the 5000km mark so while they have plenty of tread, they are not as nice as they were (I'm sure most of you would know what i mean).

Took her out for a run in the Barossa wine country just up the road (20-30mins) from home which is often where I make a quid driving tourists in my day job.

When I get a spare moment I'll be changing out the oil and brake fluids, along with the airfilter (once my Xmas hangover recedes)....

Here's a couple of pics I took with my improved cell phone..I think they came out alright.

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I think I recognized these hills in Barossa wine country. Was there on vacation 2 years ago, then with a rental car
Fine mc roads, so next time in Australia I have to rent a motorcycle.

Three bikes? I have only one. You have to pay to play.

btw: nice pictures
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Bike looks awesome Bud,

LoL! "All work and No Play makes Alby a Dull Boy" POLISH UP DEM PIPES!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay....It's a little work involved, but not really that difficult considering the overall aesthetics it delivers to the bike. Easiest method, but not cheapest instead of DIY.
Remove the pipes. Find a machine shop or Professional polish shop for industrial buffing.
Re-install pipes, enjoy!
Best wishes.
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Ahhh, I knew someone would pick me up on the pipes Rex...

I could drop into some rave about how "I love the burnt gold of well worked artistry in stainless, coloured through miles spent on a twisty road and a sunny afternoon..."

but I'd be talkin' shit (as usual..?) 'cause yes, i'd like them to be shiny as fk like yours...Lol

I'll put it on the list!

XD1262...long way to come for a holiday...

if you do make it down here again, I know plenty of excellent riding territory within 50 kms of Adelaide and would love to show a visitor around.
Glad to see you decided to keep it mate, it's a handsome bike, with or without polished pipes.....
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Nice pics Alby, it's a great area of our state.
Good to see you're still on the Diavel.

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