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Schuberth C3 + SRC Kit (bluetooth) for sale

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I have a Schuberth C3 with SRC bluetooth kit fitted.


Bought less than a year ago and used just twice - one short run, it was fine - one long run, and my head was starting to ache, so not quite a perfect fit. If anyone's interested, PM me.

C3 (helmet) metallic silver, size 60/61, cost me (from Just Helmets) £446.49 (now selling £469.99 on their site)
SRC (bluetooth), size XXS-L, cost me (from Just Helmets) £284.99 (now selling for £309.99 on their site)

I'll accept £400 for the pair.
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I can't help, other than to endorse the C3. I've had dozens and it's my favourite to date. Shame the fit isn't right for you, but helmets are a personal thing!
I had similar issues with my Shark. Felt great when I tried on at the bike show, ordered one and the same size was way too big. Sent it back and got a smaller one, all was good, or so I thought. After about 30 minutes riding the chin bar was pushed against my lips and it starts getting uncomfortable. I've been wearing Shoei's since I was 16; so I went back to them. They've always fit my head well. I see other helmets out there that I'm curious about, but don't wan't to spend $300 - $700 buck to find it doesn't fit my head right 30 minutes or 2 hours into my ride.
Thanks guys. I'm using a Shoei Multi-tech at the moment which is a great fit around the top and sides of my head, albeit I find that my chin is right up against the chin guard.

We shouldn't be surprised I suppose, because buying helmets are I guess like buying shoes - you don't really know that they are right until you've had them for a while.
I have a Shoei flip-top too. It's been a great helmet, but I prefer the C3. Like you say often you only appreciate why, they are right for us as individuals, after living with them!
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