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RogerG ‘s Youtube Channel

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Here is my Youtube Channel with many videos. Mostly is about moto riding. Anyone willing to subscribe, I will be very happy.....

HpCorse Hydroform full exhaust system, straight pipes, no decat....no db killers

Some easy panoramic ride....

Riding around without db killers inside....

More videos, after the situation goes back to normal again....

Take care Ducatistas.....

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Kalce - HotedrÅ¡ica í ¼í¿ í ¼í·¸í ¼í·®

Kalce - HotedrÅ¡ica í ¼í¿ í ¼í·¸í ¼í·®

Same day, same ride, different part of road.....

Hotedršica -> Col

Round off with last part….

Last part of multi days solo trip…. border crossing from CRO to SLO

Just cruising through “Snake trail”….on the way home (not in Urban mode 🙂 )

Grcarevec (slo) section

Saturday is (was) a day for Moto ride day……

Diavel 1198 & 1260 S

View from Diavel Diavel 1260 S

Same ride as ⬆ (Post before) Different perspective

Ride Climbing to Vrabče (🇸🇮)

Last section before lunch break…..

2 Countries
1 Border
1 Great Road

Replaced OEM clutch and brake master cylinder with Brembo RCS……! As day and night compared to OEM…..very satisfied ! At same time replaced also fluid reservoirs with Rizoma ones
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Rakitna Lake up and down and over….

A quick swoosh on Highway……

Short clip of a ride a few days ago….mostly for testing external mic. It’s not perfect yet, need some more settings, positioning, etc. …..but it’s better as camera mic already!

Saturday ride to Lake Rakitna

Season 2022 is fully active again
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Fuel tank

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Land vehicle Automotive fuel system


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81 - 100 of 125 Posts