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there is now a Rizoma Stealth mirror version for naked bikes. I really like these mirrors and got the idea that they could work well on my 2022 Diavel 1260S black & steel.

Hand Arm Plant Automotive design Gesture

Automotive tire Automotive fuel system Motor vehicle Motorcycle Automotive lighting

Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper

On the Rizoma website you can check different components such as mirrors based on bike model and you can select those for a Diavel 1260S (2019-2020)
When you select however a Diavel 1260S (2021-2022) you get the message "Attention, for the selected bike has not been developed a dedicated Stealth mirror."

What can be the difference here between the (2019-2020) and (2021-2022) version that these will not fit? Shouldnt it be the same handle bar setup and fittings etc on these models?

Looking forward to you comments.

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Looks like Rizoma omit researching MY2022.
The best way is asking Rizoma.
I guess Stealth for MY 2019-20 fit also MY2022.
Because part numbers related mirrors are all same between MY2019 and MY2022.*1

Screw and tube kit (BSN902B) seems to be required.*2
Unless using the kit, stealth mirrors probably conflict front brake reservoir and clutch reservoir.

*1: Part Number
Right Mirror: 52340242AC
Front Brake Master Assembly: 62441036A
Right Screw: 77113741A
Left Mirror: 52340252AC
Clutch Master Assembly: 63040704A
Left Screw: 77113731A

*2: if select MY2019-20 at Rizoma web site, this kit BSN902B is shown. View attachment 112513

Thanks a lot for the detailed information, this sounds quite positive.

Agree with your assumption that it might conflict with the brake reservoir, thats why the longer tubes are needed.

I have asked Rizoma and the answer was that this combination has simply not been tested so it might work but they cant tell and wont list it until it is tested. They have many requests for combinations to be tested but this is on their list now.

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I remember to see some pictures just a day or two before your post.... (a coincidence? )

BTW, where are your locations in our home country?
Was great that you found those pictures because I was really curious how those would look like on a diavel and I have even the same windshield.
Ok you need these longer tubes to make them fit but I think they look quite good on a diavel.

location is sørumsand..... God Jul og Godt Nytt År

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God Jul og Godt nyttår fra Stavanger !

While those do look good, they certainly do not meet the required legal specifications.
I believe a mirror is required to be minimum 70cm2, i.e. 7x10cm.
Those look more like 3x10cm.

You may not care, but at least you are informed that they could get you in trouble :)

Thanks for the information. Yes I noticed that these are rather small but wasnt aware about the exact legal specifications.

I guess quite many mirrors are a little too small maybe but its not much so nobody cares but these are much too small so maybe not optimal to use

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I guess it depends how small they are, a 60cm2 mirror is probably hard to spot without measuring and you may get away with it, but that mirror looks like its maybe 3cm high.
They could look for the "E" marking though.

I have the Rizoma reverse retro bar end mirrors on mine, they are about 60cm2, legally too small, but they don't look too small at a quick glance.

If the mirror carries an approval mark, it complies with the minimum size requirement of 69 cm² and is therefore approved. For motorcycles first registered before 17 June 2003, a 60 cm² surface area is sufficient.
I have the Rizoma Spy-R barend mirrors which are E approved but I dont like the round shape of those so much.
Therefor I actually thought to switch to those before I evaluated the stealth mirrors

I agree with you that the stealth mirrors are so small that they might cause problems but I really like those from CNC racing and they are somewhat too small but maybe not that obvious.
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