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Hi guys, I am a new member here and still in the market for an XDS. I test rode several bikes this year including the XDS and posted my review in the New Members Intro section. But sometimes people don't open posts in that section so I thought I'd post it here as well. It is my personal experience and it might help a few of you who wonder. For what it's worth, I currently own a V-Rod Muscle, Honda Rune and Mv Agusta F4RR.

Triumph Rocket 3: To be honest, I was leaning towards this one over the XDiavel until I rode it. It looks like a million bucks and for such a beast of a bike, it is extremely easy to get along with. But therein lies the problem. It is almost too smooth and too docile to the point where it has no character whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, it handles like a dream and I was extremely impressed with it's overall refinements, electronics and build quality. But the heart, the engine just didn't excite me enough. A 2500cc engine should scare you a little bit when you pin it. It didn't. And just like there is no replacement for displacement, you can't take flight if it's not light.

Harley-Davidson Sportster S: I was particularly excited to ride this because I own a V-Rod Muscle and I expected this one to be a worthy replacement after the Milwaukee 8 based offerings such as the Fat-Bob and FXDR miserably failed to impress. The Sportster's engine seems to be "derived" from V-Rod's engine and the bike is about 100 lbs lighter so I expected fireworks. Mmmm...... no. In Sport mode, the bike pulls hard and that is it's one trick. After about 15 mins on the bike, I started to feel very uncomfortable. The seat has no back support to hold you in place and a 2x4 block of wood has more suspension travel than the Sportster's rear shock. With the optional mid-controls, I'm sure it's much more comfortable. The fat front tire resists leans into corners but that shouldn't be an issue for most Harley owners. Their definition of a corner is a corner store for cigarettes or the bar at the corner of X av. and Y blvd. To be fair, if I wasn't coming off of a V-Rod, I would have been more impressed with the Sportster. But the V-Rod has a lot more soul, it pulls like a freight train and the engine is still the best engine Harley (and Porsche) ever conjured.

Other bikes I rode this year were, Ducati Panigale V4, HD Fatbob, HD Livewire and Indian Scout Bobber. Sorry for such a long post. Please feel free to ask me any other questions that you guys may have.
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