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Hi Guys,

I've posted a few pics of my 16 XDS with recent fitment of a Dimsport Rapid-Bike setup.

I have to say, huge difference in rideability due to mapping for performance rather than to meet the ultra strict Euro emissions laws. (The benefit of being in Oz......no body cares what mods you make to a bike within reason)

I installed all the Rapid-Bike fruit including, Race Module, 2 x MyTuning wideband modules, Quickshift/ Blipper, YouTune display module, Bluebike bluetooth module.

I wanted to totally hide the installation in order to maintain the sort of clean lines Ducati tried so hard to design into this model.
There is very very little room left anywhere on this bike to shoehorn in the components!

Fortunately with the removal of the exhaust servo, I gained just enough room to squeeze the main module into the space left behind. As for the MyTuning modules and the QS/Blipper the pics tell the story.
Front Cyl module is above the battery, (I converted to a Lithium battery to gain the space above as shown, the rear Cyl module is below the pillion seat, while the Blipper module is right behind the fuel pump at the rear of tank.

The other painful exploit is finding some available location for two more O2 sensors...in this case LSU 4.9's which are not the most compact of sensors. In the end I relocated the factory narrowband sensors as they're a bit shorter, while still adhering to standard placement conventions for O2 sensors to avoid moisture issues, over and under heating and gas dilution etc. Both sensors are within an inch of original location so all good with the LSU 4.9's now occupying the factory ports.

The Youtune I mounted on the bars with a custom billet anodized mount including a dual map switch.

Lastly, I really did not like the Dimsport wiring loom which was useless to me anyway as it is not designed with the components spread throughout the bike.

Fortunately engineering design, machining and race electronics is my business so I manufactured a race quality custom loom to make it all work.

For those of you wondering about the quickshifter/ blipper since its not actually a specific part# for the XD, it is in fact for a Multistrada which uses a very similar engine design with identical twist grip sensor and electronic throttle valve assembly. ( With a little tweaking to the adjustments within the software, it all works absolutely brilliantly).

The main reason for going to all the trouble in the first place is to aid in tuning, as I am about to custom build an exhaust with a true 2-1-2 merge collector to attempt to extract some more ponies...Can we ever have enough? Answer NO!!


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This is amazing! You did a complete setup even with custom made brackets for the modules!
It's simply perfect!
I currently have a MT07 with Rapid bike Race module, mytuningbike and youtune, but I am aiming for a diavel in a couple of years.
One thing that I was looking for is your CNC braket for the youtune, that also has the map switch inside.
I am really interested in it!
Is it something you can duplicate and possibly give me an estimate on how much it could cost?
Currently i am not running the youtune module just because of the positioning, I made a custom 3D printed bracket, but it's quite simple and a bit in the way, so I wanted something more refined like yours.
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