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I am the proud father of a two week old baby Diavel Strada. Still breaking her in with about 500 miles on the odo. However, I've been riding Triumph triples (Sprint ST, Speed Triple and Rocket III) for years and the Testastretta is a new beast. After full break in, what rev range do you recommend for a) around town and general relaxed riding, b) open road cruising at different speeds and c) spirited mountain rides?
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Congrats on the Strada! They're a beaut set up.

0 - 3k RPM: Strong but can be lumpy
3 - 6k RPM: Let's get this business done!
8 - 10k RPM: Is my will and testament up to date?
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I say just ride the beast and enjoy, don't think. I follow the military METT-T concept when riding. Mission, Equipment, Time Available, Terrain and Troops (other cyclists with me).
Serious though - my style:

a) around town and general relaxed riding - depending on the feel of the day I'll sit at 60km/h in 2nd at about 5k RPM or more a relaxed 60km/h in 3rd at about 4k RPM

b) open road cruising at different speeds - Australian Hwy limit 110km/h I'm usually 5th gear at about 4.5k RPM, Feeling lucky against the po-po more like 140km/h in top gear about 5.5k RPM

c) spirited mountain rides? Banging through gears 2 - 3 - 4 between 6-8k RPM is highly rewarding!
I've very briefly touched on the 7k range a couple of times but want to break it in thoroughly before doing anything too fun. Going to be HOLY FUCKIN' SHITBALLS JESUS CHRIST!! time this weekend! Thanks for the tips--I'll ride in the 3,000 to 5,000 range depending on conditions and get it wailing like a banshee when it's time to lose the chicken strips.
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nothing under three thousand...

pretty much ever.

three to four depending on load and conditions ...tame but can be quite enjoyable

four to five...brisk

five to six...look where you're going Alby!

I imagine it does get to over six (maybe seven..?) at times but by then I am looking where I am bloody well going!

I got sucked in (a little) by the "cruiser" tag...

I don't really ride it much (if any) faster than my HD (which was well tweaked and did go very well)

PPL always ask me "how fast does it go?" (in a particular gear, flat out etc)

I tell them I have no fkn idea and very little interest in finding out.

I too had a Speed III which I bought new in 2002.

Best of three passes was 11.6 @ 116 mph at our local with much entertainment trying to keep the front down in first three gears.

As Triumph were claiming 11.5 at the time and I weighed 120kg I thought i had done OK...

Never did find out exactly how fast that one went either.

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I only made the Trip' up to 125 before the wind damn near flung me off the bike--like most nakeds it has the aerodynamics of a brick and the lack of a fairing forced my body and head into near catagory 4 hurricane wind speeds (130 mph for that honor). However, I had about 2,000 RPM left which would put it in the 140--150 range. Need balls big enough to see from space to try that. Coming off the line and roll-on speed is where the fun lies. HP is nice, but people forget about the real fun--torque. 96 ft./lbs is what caught my eye. In fact, I kept the Rocket III for that reason. Nothing on the planet can beat the shoulder dislocating feel of a dyno tested 145 ft/lbs. of torque!
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