Selling one of a kind "original- unoriginal- original" Diavel Lamborghini "slip on" exhaust for the Diavel 1260

Custom stainless steel that is black ceramic coated and adapted to the original Diavel 1260 Lamborghini carbon exhaust cover. The hole in the endcaps are slightly off-center / bigger compared to the original exhaust on the Lamborghini model and been added black mesh.

It sits in 30 mm Db killers which give a good loud enough sound image and to resemble the OE silencer. Also includes 40mm dB killers, but it is very loud / no damping.

Also included is the Healtech exhaust servo motor eliminator, since not catalyst or servomotor on this.

As a bonus, this results in significant weight reduction. Weighs only approx. 3.3kg (vs Termignoni 3.9kg) and that includes the Carbon fiber cover. Original exhaust are approx 11kg

Carbon Fiber cover is 100% original Ducati Diavel Lamborghini carbon fiber.

I had this on my Diavel 1260 Lamborghini - the Euro5 version, but also fit Euro 4, and probably Xdiavel too

Sold at a very advantageous price, and far below what I paid for it. You get a unique exhaust system. (only the carbon fiber cost approx $/€ 800,-)

For sale (US) $ / € 1,700 + shipping costs worldwide