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Hello all!

First off, how many members are going to MotoGP in Texas? It would be cool to meet up with some DF folks!

So this will be my first 2,000+ mile trip and want to be sure I have all I need for the excursion. I'm trying to keep what I bring tight and light and to that end, attempting to fit everything into 30 liters of storage space.

Some things I have on my list sans clothes and toiletries:
  • 20L tail bag
  • 10L tank bag
  • CamelBak
  • Duct tape
  • Energy Bars
  • Extra visor
  • Flashlight
  • Small tool kit
  • Tire patch kit
  • Towels
  • Visor cleaner
  • Bike wired with USB cable to charge cell (Primarily for navigation)
  • Mount for cell
  • Written list of emergency contacts
  • A detailed map (in case the phone breaks or is lost)
  • GoPro
All my gear is waterproof and the helmet has a Pinlock inner shield. Any other gear oriented suggestions?

Anything other than lights (head, tail, signals) check, tire pressure check & newly lubed/adjusted chain needed before setting off?

I found a lot of resources searching on the interwebs but wanted to see if anyone would share some pearls of wisdom and/or any Diavel specific things to consider.

Thanks in advance all!

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Small red LED flasher emergency light - bicycle and running shops have them. Also add extra reflective material to the Camelbak (if not reflective already) to improve late night driver's awareness of you so they check closing speed/mind their distance.

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A damn good SEAT.. i did a 1000 miles in 24 hours last summer on my Duc with the stock seat.... it killed me, and i ended up using a gel pad half way through. Nice ride though from Spokane Valley to Olympia, Anacortes and the scenic ride back to Spokane Valley... Have fun at Motogp, I want to go, but my work schedule isn;t going for it...

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Tuneboy so you have cruise control.

Also, make sure that small tool kit has the allen for the mirrors. Last year when I rode from Atlanta to Indy and back, Kentucky's crappy roads jarred a mirror loose. Had to stop at an auto parts store to get an allen to tighten back up to keep it from flapping in the wind (and driving me batty ;))

As far as seating, was doing 400-600 miles a day, have the touring seat and it was more comfy than my old first gen Multi. But it's a very subjective sort of thing, YMMV.
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