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Hi All,
Saw a Diavel 1260S on the website before release last year and that was it, I had to one,
12 months down the track, and I don't regret it in the slightest having put just over 17,000 km on her since then.
Just cant wait for the parts manufacturers to catch up and start making bits for it. I have my eyes on a pair of Shad hard cases and a top box as I do a lot of touring on her.
The backpack just doesn't cut it anymore.
About me ? I'm a 50 plus (who's counting anyway) project manager and 20 odd years ago, i had to make a decision between bikes and kids.
The kids won out, but now that I'm no longer providing Dads Taxi Service, the Minister for Finance and Home Affairs has graciously allowed me to go get a bike.
Probably to get me out of her hair more than anything.
So I head out most weekends and put a few hundred Km's more on the bike looking around this great part of the world we live in.
Did a 10 day tour of Tasmania over the Xmas holidays with a bunch of mates and loved every second of it, (even riding home in 45 degree heat, That was brutal)
Anyway, here's a pic of my baby.



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Yeah, welcome to the family bud

Next time I'm down under I'm gona rent a bike and go for a ride....
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