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Front Brake Bleeding .

After struggling for a day or so. Using vacuum set ups and the old fashioned tube and bottle. Also watching videos on how to bleeding the brakes on a Ducati Diavel 2015. I thought I would share this to save a lot of time pissing around with the brakes. So if anyone is struggling with bleeding the front brake and not getting enough pressure or the brakes are feeling spongey, this is the solution. There is a secret black bolt/nut within the Brake Reservoir. Open it and pump the brake lever a few times and tighten. Then pump and hold then release; and then tighten. Repeat and top up on DOT 4. If this isn't working then bleeding right and left front brakes and start the reservoir bleed again.

It's the black circle in the picture. This opens counter clockwise. I used a socket so I didn't thread it.

I hope this helps someone else. The videos online just don't
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