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Several brands which delivery carbon fiber parts to Diavel & Xdiavel... And I've been "thru" many of them and now charing my experience with F&F carbon I've used on my Xdiavel and now using on my Lamborghini edition.

First I will say. Stick with one Brand. Otherwise you will experience different colour shades and dismatch in weave etc. I've been "thru" oem Ducati Performance carbon, Full-Six and others but end up with F&F Carbon. Which I'm very satisfied with.

Read in here and other social media platforms that people have been waiting for more than 15 months for carbon fibre parts from Ilmberger! (Whaaaat I think for my self?)

This are a Germany based company (not sure were they produced the carbon fibre parts) but their website says 6-12 weeks delivery time. And so its correct. I've got three times this year about 12-14 weeks after I've order it.

The fitments are approx perfect and the parts from 3 different productions are matching.
Fun facts is the 100% carbon twill weave with glossy finish are close match for the stock Lamborghini carbon fibre look. Some different occurs, but only Lambo owners will notice the difference.

So - check out
https://www.ffcarbon.com/en/Ducati/Diavel/2019/ if you want the parts within 3 months.


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