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Difficult decision...

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I'm new to the forum and have been reading frantically as I am planning to buy a Diavel Carbon soon. I've taken both the carbon and std version out for a spin:

Carbon Red with CW slipon at sea level
Diamond black (awesome) at altitude

Needless to say the altitude made a huge difference, but I digress....

I'm in South Africa and we only have 4 dealers in the country with maybe 35 Diavels running around (if that many). My concern is that I may end up paying dearly when/if I end up encountering the same issues other members have experienced (uneven tyre wear/ chain or suspension cylinder rattles/ gearbox neutral, fork seals etc etc....) I'm not sure whether the dealers will be able to sort me/it out and without me having to be without the bike for long stretches of time.

In SA, a Carbon Red will set you back between $28k and $32k based on the best and worst exchange rates in the last 60 days which only adds to the dilemma...

There seem to be many members on the forum who've owned plenty bikes and I would really appreciate input in terms of their experience and thoughts given my situation and whether these 'issues' that other members have struggled with are pretty much to be expected and on par with other bikes...

I realize I will ultimately have to man up and make a decision myself, but hoping to benefit from others' wisdom..

I can think of nothing better than to pull the Diavel into the garage for the first time and just staring at it for a couple of hours!! (so long as its not because she's not running!!
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Of the 6000 or so bikes sold, you only have a relatively few (a dozen or so?) on here that have had issues.
Are there many more out there with problems that don't go on line? I don't know.

All I can say is I have had virtually no issues at all with my bike and have over 3800 kms. on it now. In fact it seems to be running even better as it gets run in.
It's a late 2011 build so there were no recalls. Maybe I just got lucky but I'm loving this bike.
If you can afford the carbon then buy it! I have about 3000 miles on mine and no major problems like others. A couple of stallings, key fob not recognizing a few times, and recalls. So you have to put the forum talk into perspective, it's worldwide! By the way the Black Carbon is the fastest! LOL
Thanks Maddog & JHP - it makes sense, just good to hear it from others! I've got goosebumps just thinking about getting the Diavel.

Hopefully she'll be mine a week from now! ;)
I have a 2012 carbon black and apart from one stall which is now fixed I hope, no other issues. My dealer is 4hrs away in the North and as far as I am aware there is no other official dealer in Ireland, but that has not put me off. Go for it ! but make sure it's carbon black as everyone say's they are faster
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I got mine a few days ago, black CF of course. I cant stop smiling. Any product with moving parts and with such sophistication as the "d" will have glitches. Go for it, you wont regret it.
Agree with everyone else. There's always going to be a "few bad apples" no matter how awesome the product is. I'm pretty sure there are a few Ferraris out there with "issues" coming out of the factory. JUST DO IT!!
No Brainer - just do it!

There is nothing out there that compares to the Diavel at the moment, the odd glitch is worth it to be unique!

Thanks to everyone for the comments! One thing's for sure, this bike is bringing lots of smiles to lots of faces!
I haven't had any issues that have made me regret my purchase.
And my dealer is a six hour ride away.
9000 klms now.
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Got 3,000 miles on my Carbon Red with full Termi system and no issues. You will absolutely love every ride... go for it!
With just under 6,000 miles on my Diamond Black I've really only had the couple stalls and the recalls. Not a big deal. Black with ceramic coated pipes is sweet looking.
Over 5000 km on a stock standard Carbon Red, only minor issue of a couple stalls, later bike so didn't need recalls. Love the colour, love the sound, love the bike.
I have had no problems with mine at all. . I have about 3500/miles on it and it is by far the baddest thing out there. Just go with your gut and dont let minor issues be your deciding factor.
So far, only 2000 miles on my Carbon Black, and apart from the odd false neutral between 5-6th gear (only if i'm not positive on the selector).

No other issues...just miles and miles of smiles...
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Numerous stalls, pin code only start system still doesn't work, engine temp sensor went mad last week and just noticed a slight leak from the top cylinder......

DON"T GIVE A FLYING ****** - that's what warranties are for. It's the best bike I've ever ridden and I've already had 4 riders say they'll trade their bikes (including two diehards with beautiful, customised Harleys) immediately once more are available here.

Buy it - you'll love it!
if theres a few bad apples out there looks like mines a rotten apple grrrrrrrrrrr
New to the forum. I bought a red carbon model a few weeks ago. I have about 380 miles on the bike so far. I actually traded in my M109R for the Diavel. While the M109r was nice-powerful, muscular looking, etc., definitely not as fast or as agile as the Diavel. Also, and while I'm not knocking the Suzuki, the M109R is not as marquee as the Ducati. The Diavel is an awesome bike to just look at. I have had one stall and I have the minor chain rattle. Both I'm sure will get fixed with my first service. Get the bike, it is awesome and truly unique.
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