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Diavel Multistrada Fuel Sender Fix.

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Just bought a Diavel XS, so new to forum. Probably just saying what has been covered many times, but these tubular sender units are very simple really, and most should be repaired.
One I bought had had a new one before, so was surprised when bike delivered to see all the warning lights and range lights flashing!
Diavel X is easy to get tank off, so took sender out. It read open circuit, so could wreck it with no conscience. The resin is very very hard, can it burn wires, like concrete burns copper pipe? One would hope not, surely Audi not that daft?
Had to use a drill to get resin out, took about an hour. Did it carefully, but wrecked the two wires, and shot out the side of tube 3 times as too heavy handed!
Where the wires were connected to the pillars that come through from board was where the break was. One pillar was cracked through flush with base.....possibly in manufacture when wires fitted roughly? Possible resin attacked it? .......unlikely?
Cut down a bit around pillar to get proper solder joint. Re-soldered wires on, cut them back a bit fir nice clean shiny copper. Potted the chamber back up fully with petrol putty. If had some tank repair resin, like Caswell, would be even better.
The board itself is only reed contact switches and surface mount resistors. The solder all looked good, so left alone, but did see the YouTube where guy re-soldered all the joints as well to fix.
New units are expensive, so have a go. Once done should be able to put meter on the connector, tip tube up and little float will go up the end and read near 0, then stand it up and get about 56K, maybe different for different models?
I only use non ethanol fuel in all my bikes. Too expensive in car, but still use E5. Does better MPG so pays for itself.
Ethanol wrecks bikes. Does cars as well, just takes longer.
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