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Here's my bike in its fully loaded version. In very hot days I take the windshield out (and use a blanket on the headlight if I'll be on the slab for a while). I don't use the tour-pack when my wife isn't with me. I use a solo luggage and remove the passenger seat when I tour alone. So this bike has many versions and I love that.

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I do 3-4 multiday rides a year, lots of short rides and a number of day-long rides to the mountains and back. I love my bike for it. My wife doesn't ride with me all that often, I'd say 90% of my rides are solo.

A few of my friends all have their deposits on the new Ducati Diavel (with V4). The other guy I tour with rides a Ducati Supersport (he does multi-day tours with me, even did the Iron Butt with me).

I love everything about my bike except the 0-1xx time. I also scrape pegs (or my muffler) on twisty mountain roads. The bike has stage-2, quick shifter and I do use it as a sports bike - as much as it'll allow me to.

So after long rambling, I am wondering how insane it would be to get the Diavel V4? I wish i could keep both bikes but sadly that's not practical, so it has to be one or the other.

Have you toured on the Diavel? I know it's a compromise, but still curious about it.
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