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2022 XDiavel Nera & 2021 Streetfighter V4 S
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I have a Road King Special, a Streetfighter V4S, and an XDiavel Nera. I've ridden a Fat Boy from Los Angeles to Sturgis, and the RKS to Mexico plus a bunch of day trips and two-up rides with girlfriends. I'm more in line with Tonyt's perspective, but maybe a bit more black-and-white. If I were going on a multi-day trip for mileage greater than about 150 miles per day - pretty much anything I had to pack for - I wouldn't even consider either Ducati. I would automatically opt for the Harley. Our touring bikes are purpose-made for that. That said, I purchased my motorcycles in the order listed in the opening sentence. Had I bought my XDiavel first, I might not have another bike. It's an amazing blend of cruiser and sport bike. The only performance "issue" for the XDiavel is that, because of the cruiser riding position, if you really accelerate hard (when you're schooling Teslas), the bike's power pulls you back on the seat and your feet back on the footpegs to an unsettling degree. I've ridden a Diavel on a track - also amazing. Great handling. Utterly planted to the track and road. I've only kept the Harley for two-up riding and touring. If you get it, I'm sure you'll LOVE the Diavel V4, but every time you go for a significant or overnight ride, you'll wish you still had your touring bike.
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