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Sorry I'm late to the party :)

I have a Road King for the wife and I to ride together. We take day trips and cross country trips on it and its great.

I got my XDiavel about 6 months after the Harley and I love it too. Its shockingly comfy - I've done 500 mile day trips with ease. Rather than dump even more $$$ into the hog, which would never result in Ducati acceleration, I decided to get a whole 'nuther bike. I am very happy with that decision :)

The Ducati is a solo only affair, since it has effectively zero passenger accommodations. If you girlfriend can fit on that thing, you're truly lucky.........

As others said, the pillion is so tiny it can't even hold luggage. To me, the bike is definitely comfy enough for long rides, but you'll have to figure out the luggage situation to get very far from home.

So I'll +1 having both bikes. :)
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