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I have been in your shoes a while ago, I was moving from the Harley and looking for a daily commuter, settled for the z900 ABS.
I have had a chance to go on a long tour of a friend's X Diavel S, the tour was not that long but It was around 1500 miles, so here are my thoughts.
I must say that the Diavel has a nice ride and is reasonably comfortable though not as much as my z900, I would have gone for the Diavel if I got another 10 G sitting in my pocket and afford another Naked street bike.

If you prefer to travel with luggage and a pillion then it would be a big no-no for you. I put the throw-over Viking street saddlebag which I can use for the z900 as well but had trouble putting it on the Diavel due to its short rear seat. I found the Diavel a short tour single-person bike due to its riding posture and the lack of aftermarket or OEM luggage support. Don't berate me, I know there are options available but I am talking here about a set of saddlebags, and trunk bags, with the pillow on.

I got tired after just only 300 miles, My back was aching and my legs wanted a stretch, My z900 is way more comfortable in this aspect, I have clocked 500+ in a single go with just only the fuel breaks. Felt vibration in the handlebars and foot pegs on High Revs. IDK if there was something wrong with that specific machine or if it is a normal behavior
The Wind pressure is too much, though it can be reduced with the windshield but not as much as your current ride. Stability was good, I have no problem maneuvering it through the corners even at high speeds.

In the conclusion I would say riding this bike was a pleasure to ride only if you have a short daily commute and if you are not really into group long tours.
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