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Hi all. Long time silent watcher but now first time contributor. As the title articulates, my 2014 Diavel has once again suffered the now well known and well documented crankshaft failure. I wanted to highlight to anyone who experienced this problem and had their's replaced by Ducati or with Ducati parts who alleged they "got a bad batch of crankshafts" and the new part is corrected, that you in fact may have a component with the same sub-standard quality as the original.

The first crankshaft in my motor sheared itself into two around 21,000 miles. The motor was fully rebuilt at some $8,600 USD by a noted Level III Ducati technician out of Virginia. Fully documented and all OEM Ducati parts were used. It took 6 months in fact to get everything from Ducati IT. 4,000 miles later - BANG! The same thing has happened yet again. The crankshaft sheared itself into two pieces in the exact same manner. The same failure mode twice is frankly unbelievable.

There are far too many occurrences with this exact root cause failure on this particular motor for Ducati to play coy. We have exactly zero cases of the 1260 motor exhibiting this failure, so to me it signals Ducati reengineering something between the two series of engines in the Diavel.

My advice - bypass the Gen 1s. I know, some will say, "Well, you're a sample size of one. My bike has run perfectly and I have over XX,XXX miles on it". I will never disagree with that user experience, but I am absolutely not the only person to experience this failure type. Even before the motor was opened up, the tech at the nearest Ducati dealership I could get it flatbedded to flat out said,

"I've seen this before with Diavels. We've had other bikes in here with this. It's probably your crankshaft."

A quick Google search for "Ducati crankshaft failure" will pull dozens of unique cases of the owners who had the same issue occur in the exact same way on their Diavel or Multistradas, which used the same motor.

I have little confidence of Ducati assistance despite now cracking TWO of their crankshafts on a stock motor.
I dialed EverRed and gave them the old claim number for the first rebuild, and they basically acknowledge the work was done and authorized then told me to kick rocks - they only cover their own warrantied work for 12,000mi / 12 months - whichever comes first. My region only has about 5 months of riding weather, so its pointless to say 12,000 miles of coverage.

Maybe someone will start a class-action against Ducati? All I know its well past time Ducati own up to the problem and either execute an assistance fund or send remanufactured engine with corrected parts.

Be that as it may, I wanted to add to the knowledge base here and leave it as documentation for other owners who may find this thread.

First crankshaft failure at 21,XXX - Fully rebuilt by FasterTwin

Second crankshaft failure at 25,XXX - Current state. Not rebuilding at this juncture.

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