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That "service light" looks like the regular service light, probably the 12 monthly annual service that is due and nothing else.
I drove with that light on for two months and had the service done last Friday.

I think the Service light is unrelated to the stalling issue.

I would say there are two main causes for sudden stalling.

1. Sidestand switch, might want to check that one out.
2. Quick shifter related switches. The QS works by cutting the ignition while shifting, and depends on switches on the clutch leaver, essentially if you do not press the clutch the ignition is cut while shifting, if you pull the clutch, the ignition is not cut.
An incorrectly adjusted clutch or QS switch, may cut the ignition when the clutch is pressed, causing the bike to stall.
This is in line with your experience of stalling happening while the clutch is pressed and starting again when released.

I would expect that the issue is either the clutch handle switch or the QS switch, either faulty or out of adjustment.
I hear a clear "click" from the switch on my clutch, I would start there.
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