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The pressure sensor light came on (2014 Diavel) but the bike was running fine. However, I decided to replace both pressure sensors. Everything looked clean and in good shape, hoses, clamps, connectors. After I replaced the sensors, the light went off.
When I started the bike, it did not want to idle and it was popping and spluttering, very rough running. I kept it running for 5 minutes at 3-4000 rpm to warm up. Later I went back to start it and it was still running rough, but it appeared to have improved the idling.
I read several post on this forum regarding the pressure sensors and most people say their bikes run fine after replacement. I also read that the computer needs to "learn" the new sensors and adjust. Is that a thing? Does the computer adjust and make it run smoothly after a while?
The nearest Ducati dealer is several hours away so I can't just ride it to the dealer and have them hook up the software. Is there coding needed after replacing the sensors? It is my understanding that no coding is needed.
Please advice if you have dealt with this issue.
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