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Hi All,

I am fairly new to Ducati's having only rode Jap sports bikes but I have a concern. for the life of me I cannot tell if this is a new thing or not as had the bike from 600mls but only a weekend play thing when work/Weather permits.

When I start the bike from cold it sounds totally fine and very healthy but after being on a ride and stopping and letting it idle with the clutch out the bike sounds like it has got a dry rattling clutch like the old dry clutches but a bit quieter. Strangely this is noisier on the left side of the bike and not the right side where the clutch is!

When you pull in the clutch lever it sounds perfectly normal again, Let it out - Rattling sound

Is this a normal trait of these big Twins and just lashing of the gears or something to be worried about? Every time I ask the Ducati Dealer I just get told it's normal but I am really not convinced.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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