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2015 Diavel and batteries

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Hi all. this past weekend I picked up a 2015 Diavel Carbon..WOOOHOO! so much fun to ride. I have a question, what batteries (lithium? as well as regular) do folks recommend, and is there particular tender favored?

best, can't wait to ride some more
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Personally I don't buy into this lithium thing, I see so many people having problems with them and for what to save a small amount of weight on a 200+Kg bike? Seems crazy.
Different story for a race bike where every bit of weight counts but I've never had an issue with Yuasa batteries as long as they are cared for properly. (3 things I never deviate from, no matter what bike - Yuasa batteries, DID chains, NGK spark plugs)
My bike is always on the tender when it's at home and I've never had a Yuasa last less than 7 years minimum, I'd rather spend the extra money on uprated battery cables like the ones from Motoelectric etc., the stock cables are cheap crap and the Motoelectric cables are a decent upgrade.
Just get a Yuasa YT12B-BS, it's what the factory fitted, it bolts straight in without messing around with spacers and it works...just be sure to use a battery tender.
That's my 0.02 cents, YMMV...
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