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2015 Diavel and batteries

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Hi all. this past weekend I picked up a 2015 Diavel Carbon..WOOOHOO! so much fun to ride. I have a question, what batteries (lithium? as well as regular) do folks recommend, and is there particular tender favored?

best, can't wait to ride some more
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I have an XDiavel, but i bought a batter from Batteries+ in October 2021.

Even though the tender reported it was perfectly green, it was totally dead a couple of weeks ago. I just bought an AntiGravity from Amazon:

I then learned Li needs special tenders. I bought a new version of the brand I already had, but it required manually switching between Li and Lead/Acid. So I returned it and got this Li specific charger. Can't realy tell you if its any good or not.

I called AntiGravity though, and they admitted their amp ratings are NOT directly comparable to CCA on regular batteries. So while my Heavy Duty version I got claims 480 amps, that's not really as much higher than the 175 CCA of my old battery.

I was really looking for more power though. The original battery always struggled to turn the engine over. Very annoying........
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This is from a popular tender company, but I did not like the manual switch.

This one is specific to LI batteries, but the cord is pretty short. Again, not sure yet how well it actually works:

The jumpstart thing looks like a silly gimmick to me. Like you said, you need tools to access the battery anyway, so it would be of little practical use IMHO. I'm still waiting to try it out. Hopefully this weekend.........
Every tender I've purchased included the wiring harness to let you plug the tender with the 2 prongs directly to the wiring on the bike. Just put red on red and black on black and you should be good.
Wish I had your ringing endorsement before I spent my $$$. :)
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