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2015 Diavel and batteries

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Hi all. this past weekend I picked up a 2015 Diavel Carbon..WOOOHOO! so much fun to ride. I have a question, what batteries (lithium? as well as regular) do folks recommend, and is there particular tender favored?

best, can't wait to ride some more
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I have an XDiavel, but i bought a batter from Batteries+ in October 2021.

Even though the tender reported it was perfectly green, it was totally dead a couple of weeks ago. I just bought an AntiGravity from Amazon:

I then learned Li needs special tenders. I bought a new version of the brand I already had, but it required manually switching between Li and Lead/Acid. So I returned it and got this Li specific charger. Can't realy tell you if its any good or not.

I called AntiGravity though, and they admitted their amp ratings are NOT directly comparable to CCA on regular batteries. So while my Heavy Duty version I got claims 480 amps, that's not really as much higher than the 175 CCA of my old battery.

I was really looking for more power though. The original battery always struggled to turn the engine over. Very annoying........
I see the jump start button but dont you need tools to access that on a Gen 2 Diavel?
Do these batteries last any longer than regular batteries?
Here in the desert we are lucky to get 2-3 years out of them.
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