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Couldn’t find anything related after searching forum.

Hey guys, question about my Gen 1 2013 Diavel Cromo. One of my fuel lines underneath the seat crimped (due to my own actions while undergoing routine maintenance after removing tank) and is having trouble passing fuel through causing bike to start but not maintain running and even bogging down to one cylinder. Wont ride at all after putting it into gesr and applying acceleration.

I am looking at several different used fuel line sets on ebay ranging anywhere from a 2011-2015 Diavel.

I’ve tried researching and finding out if they would fit my 2013, I am a newer owner and just not sure. Im sure the stealership would enlighten me, but I wanted some additional info prior to contacting them if need be.

Costs about $400 USD from Duacti vs $100 USD on ebay. (Insert cheap comments here)

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve attached a picture for reference.

Edit Pictured below are the ones being sold on ebay, not my damaged one.

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