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2011 Carbon Wiring Diagram you CAN ACTUALLY SEE?

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Hi everyone
does anybody have a copy pdf of the wiring diagram for 2011 Carbon that you can actually see all the words. The one I have from Ducati Diavel owners & service manuals, user guides is not legible when made bigger.

Ive got a NAS error and think it might be a cable to the hands free relay as it keeps dropping voltage when you press the dash on button on tank.

Hope someone out there can help.

Thanks Starkey.
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Give this a crack, when I was going through the pain of an Err NAS error I printed this out in A3 which was a big help.
This is the 'fun' I had with this, which may be of help: Err NAS Error
Best of luck, I know how frustrating this error can be!


Your amazing thank you so much!!!!!!!

Heres what Ive done so far

Fully charged battery
changed key fob battery
checked all fuses front and back
changed headlight and main beam light (just in case) for new ones with correct voltage)
disconnected and reconnected everything several times checked all plugs etc

Shouted and screamed a lot like a baby, read all the forum notes

Changed hands free relay ( I was getting intermittent voltage into it from the hands free module when I pressed the on switch dash going crazy relay clicking like mad then NAS ERR)

Removed handlebar start switch checked for corrosion did end to end checks on all wires -all good

Things Ive done recently which might have caused this error (although Ive used the bike a lot since doing these jobs)

Fitted a trickle charger to the battery(now removed)
Changed headstock bearing (everything off the front end - may have overstreched the wires)

So next step tonight I guess is to by-pass the hands free module and put 12v into the relay coil command 85 hopefully this will get the dash going.

Thanks again for the drawings!

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Things Ive done recently which might have caused this error (although Ive used the bike a lot since doing these jobs)

Fitted a trickle charger to the battery(now removed)
Changed headstock bearing (everything off the front end - may have overstreched the wires)
As a matter of interest, was the trickle charger connected directly to the battery or was it the type that plugs into the diagnostic port under the seat?
Also, when you say trickle charger do you mean that or is it a battery tender/maintainer?
And yes, definitely check those wires around the steering head, they seem to be the cause of many an issue on these bikes.
Connected directly to the battery, its a maintainer really, charges it up then just sits there.

I tried to short out the relay last night but still the same.
Did a lot of wire wiggling around the headstock area and it did flicker into life at one point it tried to light the displays up correctly and for a brief moment all looked good, then nothing and bizarly the battery went low.

Ill keep trying
Cheers Starkey
Another day with the spaghetti testing all the wires etc from the hands free module
Looks like it's drawing current and not giving the right output voltage on the wire to the relay.
Took the thing apart in the hope of being able to repair but as I suspected the module pcb is gel filled so no chance.
So I've got to change the module.
Question what other parts do I need e.g. ecu keys etc and will it need re programming.

Looks you just need the Hands-Free unit but your current keys (active and passive) will need to be coded to the new unit either by the Ducati dealer or someone with a Texa diagnostic tool or an OBDStar or similar.
See page 35 on the attached service bulletin.


Thats brilliant thank you very much. So theres a guy selling parts from a 2011 Diavel same as mine hes selling the whole lot hands free module keys dash ecu bbs thing antenna as a job lot. I might get that and swap the lot over.

Thanks again for your support.
Cheers Starkey
another dull question sorry its a bit confusing for me, if I buy a second hand module with the matching keys will it work or do I need to programme anything else like the ecu etc
I think as per page 35 of the service bulletin I attached above the correct procedure would be to fit the replacement hands free unit and then have your existing keys coded to it, this would also mean your keys still work on the seat and fuel cap.
However, there's a distinct possibilty you could fit the replacement and the keys coded to that unit would work which would them mean you'd have to sort out the fuel cap and seat locks. I guess all you can do is try it...
Ah I get it now, makes sense, thanks Ill let you know.
OK Ive changed the hands free module, still got the same fault, hands free relay not coming in and lighting the dash up. Checked all the wires again and its still no fault found. Not sure what to try next, any ideas anyone?
Do you have a dealer/friend nearby with a diagnostic tool (Texa which is the official Ducati tool or OBDStar etc?) I think you really need to get an idea of what fault codes it's throwing to get closer to solving this.
When my lower dash threw a wobbly, I went through all the fault finding without finding any clear cause but my suspicions pointed to the lower dash (even thought it appeared to be working), connecting the Texa tool confirmed my suspicions which gave me the confidence to spend the $$ on a new dash unit.
Good shout thanks for the advice, Ill ask around and hopefully diagnose the problem
Hi @Starkey did you have any joy with this?
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