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1260/X Headlight Conversion finally done.

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After planning it for a few years, finally got around to doing my headlight conversion... I absolutely despise the first generation headlight, as I feel it definitely lets down the rest of the design of the bike. So, it was always in the plan to upgrade to something a little bit more modern and sleek. The solution was the headlight from the newer Diavels...
I picked up a headlight from the local Ducati dealership. I was trying to track one down online and save a little bit of money, but unfortunately I didn't have much luck. The headlight set me back right around $980. It is a little bit on the expensive side, but I am getting OEM quality so I never have to worry about it.

The first issue that I have to deal with was the electrical wiring for this project. I did not want to have to cut any wires. I did not want to have to damage my factory harness, which by the way costs almost $2,000 in case you were wondering. I also did not want to have to destroy my original headlight, as I am sure somebody out there may need a replacement for their factory one. The solution was a custom-made plug and Play harness.
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After doing some research online, I found a company in Great Britain that appears to have access to the actual connectors that Ducati is using for their harnesses. After taking numerous measurements of the harnesses that I had, I went ahead and ordered what I believed were their counterparts. Luckily, I used to work for general motors as a technician so making terminal ends and connectors is something I already had experience with. Everything fit and functions absolutely flawlessly.

The next issue was actually mounting the headlights to the bike. Obviously the mounting for the original headlight was completely different, but I wanted to be able to reuse all those mounting points. The solution to this little issue was a couple of custom-made brackets. Having a plasma cutter definitely came in handy as cutting the top bracket would have taken ages by hand.
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I was able to reuse all the factory mounting locations. As you can see in the pictures, all of my brackets are still rubber isolated from the vibration of the rest of the bike.
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I gave them a quick lick of paint for corrosion protection, and then I bake them in my oven for a few hours to make sure that the paint cured fully. This wasn't the big deal for the bottom brackets because they are made out of aluminum, but the upper bracket was made out of pure steel so corrosion is definitely something I had to take into consideration.

After all of that was completed it was just a matter of final assembly.
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I am super happy with the fit and finish. Everything looks absolutely factory which is what I was going for. I even purchased a carbon fiber headlight bezel to match the rest of the bike as it is a carbon model.

I do still have my factory headlight and all pieces that go with it in case anybody needs it. Feel free to message me. Also, I did have enough parts to make one additional harness for this conversion. I have another post on here but it seemed like there was no interest in it. That harness is currently listed on eBay for sale.
Anyway, I just wanted to share my little project. Good luck to all of you with all of your custom projects and modifications!
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