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  1. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    I am seriously looking at purchasing a new XDiavel Dark, I have no experience in owning a Duc but I am aware of the reputation for needing expensive maintenance. What should I know going in other that it seems to be a great bike that fits me, I can't take it for a test ride of course until...
  2. XDiavel Pictures And Videos
    concrete grey..
  3. XDiavel General Discussions
    Long story short, does any one tries to remove / install rear foot pegs? The two screw action appears almost mission impossible due to lack of space thanks to exhaust and suspension reservoir. Any know how ? Thanks in advance.
  4. XDiavel General Discussions
    Hello guys, how are u? I'm Artur, from Brazil, and I need help with someone parts. My XDiavel had oil leaks in 2 places. I need to know the name of the part or part number. *01 photo: I need the connector of the bomb Thanks
  5. XDiavel Performance And Modifications
    Hi folks, Does anyone have any information regarding the type and location of the OEM flasher relay on the XD? I installed bar-end LED indicators a while back and had to add ballast resistors to get the correct flash rate. I am revisiting this as I've just replaced the bars with the narrower...
  6. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hi folks, making room in the garage - here's what I have (MSRP in brackets) - front mudguard ($243) - rear mudguard ($63) - rear signals (US version) ($250) - footpegs ($54 ea) - clutch lever ($135) - rear brake lever ($153) - throttle handgrip assembly (left also included) ($284) - front...
  7. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    Hello, I am new to the forum, and as I am exploring it, it looks pretty cool. I am looking for a 2016 xDiavel backseat. My bike came with both the passenger seat with the backrest, and the small pillion for single rider set up. Unfortunately my backrest somehow broke. Does anyone still have...
  8. XDiavel Pictures And Videos
    I'll load more pics once I'm back from my travels
  9. XDiavel General Discussions
    I have noticed today this misalignment. How is it on yours? Should I be concerned?
  10. XDiavel General Discussions
    So far the bluetooth works fine, for the most part. I was paired the Ducati Multimedia with my phone (iPhone X) without a problem. I use sound insulating earphones to cut the wind noise. I am using Shure SE215 with BT1 for cruising around. The SE215 fits perfectly under the helmet, and there is...
  11. Bikes for Sale
    Not sure if this is the right thread for getting price checks, But I am looking to sell my 2016 XDS in the spring this year. It's got ~4500km, and an extended warranty until 2024. All service has been done by the dealer and its gotten its oil change done at the start of each season. Its been...
  12. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    I saw that MRA designed its Racing Screen to fit both the XDiavel and Diavel. Has anyone seen or tried one? I've used MRA screens in the past and the quality was great, so I'm tempted by the Racing Screen. The colour options look good.
  13. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    More and more companies are beginning to sell parts / carbon fiber parts for Xdiavel. A company called Z4 motorsport (http://www.z4motorsports.com) selling carbon divides much cheaper than for example: Fullsix, Ilmberger, Ducati etc. But this is a US company and little known to me. Anyone...
  14. XDiavel Pictures And Videos
    Discovered Zard for the first one on Eicma 2017 (another thread here) and seeing this was a very good alternative to Termi, as I wanted something similar to the original. And "everyone" should have the giant elephant penis (Termi) on both sides...
  15. XDiavel Performance And Modifications
    I feel we need a bit of topic thread like Diavel guys. Got a new key ring today, there should be no doubt where that key belongs. (in your pocket - since the bike is keyless)
  16. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    FOR SALE Windscreen removed from a 2016 Ducati xDiavel S. The windscreen was used for touring comfort and only has about 700 miles of use. There are no scratches, cracks, or rock/pebble damage. Included is mounting hardware for installation on the handlebars. The windscreen is an MRA brand...
  17. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I'm selling a licens plate kit for Xdiavel. from NRC - New Range Cycles. This kit is "pre used" for 500 km / 300 miles. No damage and 100% functional This kit is available for $ 175,- + shipping from $12,-(US) to 65,- ( World wide) I was thinking about $ 135,- including world wide shipping...
  18. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I'm selling a rear turn signals kit for Xdiavel. (only if you have a backrest) from NRC - New Range Cycles. This kit is "pre used" for 500 km / 300 miles. No damage and 100% functional Plug and play, no messing with the original electrical wiring system. This kit is available for $ 135,- +...
  19. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I'm selling an oem Ducati magnetic tankbag, part number 96780351A Been used for a trip of 600 km. No damage or mark. incl rain cover... More info : http://www.ducati.co...ortOrder%3Drate Price: Euro 160,- / $ 190,- incl world wide shipping. I use Paypal
  20. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Selling a pair of used Victory Evo 2 bar ends mirror. Fit for handlebars with inner diameters 12- 21 mm. barely used for 1000km. No scratches or damage. se more info: http://www.motea.com...19-220952-0.htm new price 119,- Eur/ $ 149,- selling 60,- Eur / $ 72,- incl. world wide shipping.
1-20 of 40 Results