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  1. XDiavel Owners Check In Area
    Bit late joining this forum as I've had my 2018 xdiavel s for a year and a half!
  2. XDiavel General Discussions
    Hi, it's nearly time to do the timing belts on my 2018 xdiavel s. Just wondering how long this takes a Ducati dealer to do? The nearest only Ducati dealer in Ireland is nearly three hours drive away from me and I'm just trying to plan ahead! Thanks in advance for any info!
  3. Diavel 1260 General Discussion
    Hi, I’m working on a cafe racer custom project for a client and he wants to use the XDiavel S 1260 headlight. I didn’t find the measures online and before buying I just want to be sure it will fit in our design plans. Could any one please help providing a few basic measures of your headlight...
  4. XDiavel Performance And Modifications
    Looking for xDiavel termignoni exhaust baffles for my bike. Anyone looking to part with or sell them to me? Thanks in advance!
  5. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Looking for xDiavel termignoni exhaust baffles for my bike. Anyone looking to part with or sell them to me? Thanks in advance!
  6. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    I saw a picture of someone who had kajiggered both front and rearset controls for an XDiavel on the forum, but it seems to have gone quiet. Is anyone aware of a kit that would let me do this, or any instructions on what i would need to do it myself? I don't know how many times i've been cruising...
  7. XDiavel General Discussions
    Hi Folks, I've bought my first ever Ducati - an XDiavel Dark - 2022 plate. It has arrived at the dealer, and I'm waiting to take delivery in March. I popped in to see the bike and it looks totally fabulous. However, it does have a blemish on the top of the tank - it looks like someone has...
  8. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    I am seriously looking at purchasing a new XDiavel Dark, I have no experience in owning a Duc but I am aware of the reputation for needing expensive maintenance. What should I know going in other that it seems to be a great bike that fits me, I can't take it for a test ride of course until...
  9. Diavel 1260 General Discussion
    My 2016 is actually overdue the timing belts at 5yrs (60months), its based on time to not mileage. Be 6yrs next April, found out cost and is £500, which is a lot. And the annual service is due to! Has anyone else had done based on time or mileage which is 18k miles i think!
  10. XDiavel Pictures And Videos
    concrete grey..
  11. XDiavel General Discussions
    Long story short, does any one tries to remove / install rear foot pegs? The two screw action appears almost mission impossible due to lack of space thanks to exhaust and suspension reservoir. Any know how ? Thanks in advance.
  12. XDiavel General Discussions
    Hello guys, how are u? I'm Artur, from Brazil, and I need help with someone parts. My XDiavel had oil leaks in 2 places. I need to know the name of the part or part number. *01 photo: I need the connector of the bomb Thanks
  13. XDiavel Performance And Modifications
    Hi folks, Does anyone have any information regarding the type and location of the OEM flasher relay on the XD? I installed bar-end LED indicators a while back and had to add ballast resistors to get the correct flash rate. I am revisiting this as I've just replaced the bars with the narrower...
  14. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hi folks, making room in the garage - here's what I have (MSRP in brackets) - front mudguard ($243) - rear mudguard ($63) - rear signals (US version) ($250) - footpegs ($54 ea) - clutch lever ($135) - rear brake lever ($153) - throttle handgrip assembly (left also included) ($284) - front...
  15. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    Hello, I am new to the forum, and as I am exploring it, it looks pretty cool. I am looking for a 2016 xDiavel backseat. My bike came with both the passenger seat with the backrest, and the small pillion for single rider set up. Unfortunately my backrest somehow broke. Does anyone still have...
  16. XDiavel Pictures And Videos
    I'll load more pics once I'm back from my travels
  17. XDiavel General Discussions
    I have noticed today this misalignment. How is it on yours? Should I be concerned?
  18. XDiavel General Discussions
    So far the bluetooth works fine, for the most part. I was paired the Ducati Multimedia with my phone (iPhone X) without a problem. I use sound insulating earphones to cut the wind noise. I am using Shure SE215 with BT1 for cruising around. The SE215 fits perfectly under the helmet, and there is...
  19. Bikes for Sale
    Not sure if this is the right thread for getting price checks, But I am looking to sell my 2016 XDS in the spring this year. It's got ~4500km, and an extended warranty until 2024. All service has been done by the dealer and its gotten its oil change done at the start of each season. Its been...
  20. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    I saw that MRA designed its Racing Screen to fit both the XDiavel and Diavel. Has anyone seen or tried one? I've used MRA screens in the past and the quality was great, so I'm tempted by the Racing Screen. The colour options look good.
1-20 of 48 Results