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  1. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Hello bonjour Very happy with my new XDiavel S Hi from Quebec city
  2. XDiavel Owners Check In Area
    Good Morning All, Picked up the next edition to our stable 10March2018. Shes a 2016 XDS, stock outside of the Ducati windscreen, with just under 800m on the clock. My local Ducati shop has the recall parts on order and plan to have that done this weekend as its still frigid temperatures around...
  3. XDiavel General Discussions
    Okay guys,I am following up as promised regarding Xdiavel s needing a new engine. Dealer split the engine IN HALF TO REPLACED THE LAYWAY OR OUTPUT TRANSMISSION SHAFT AND DRIVE SPROCKET . Dealer said that somebody at factory forgot to tighten the DRIVE PULLEY BOLT. DUCATI REIMBURSED me the...
  4. XDiavel General Discussions
    i got my xdiavel today, everyrhing is perfect but i coudn't find long beam button. in old diavel pressing selector button down lights the beam but xdiave s now push down. Dos anyone know how to activate beam on xdiavel s ?
  5. XDiavel Owners Check In Area
    First post on this forum Bought my XDiavel S 3 days ago in Sydney. Love it - the look, the sound, the feel, the drama. Have done 500 ks around Sydney in between meetings and cant believe how good and easy it is to drive in traffic. Rode 4 hours in to the Hunter Valley today and found it...
  6. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Hello all, Quick introduction, I have been riding for quite some time. Mostly owned sport bikes, but also have dual sports, and had an 1190 Adv R. Just bought my xDiavel S this weekend, and rode it the 180 miles home for the first step of break in. Can't speak well enough of the bike. Though...
1-6 of 6 Results