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  1. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    well, despite it being an awesome bike, I decided to downsize my ride. have the following stuff for sale prices in Cad $ hoping there are persons on Vancouver Island or maybe Mainland BC wanting a local pickup I can ship though ... ask for cost. list/sell no taxes obviously Touring...
  2. Diavel Modifications
    Anyone found a decent windscreen for the Diavel? I bought the Puig hoping to reduce the wind while commuting on the expressway. It blocked the airflow to my chest, but manages to funnel all the wind directly to my head. I feel like my head is in a soccer match. Sure it's adjustable. But that...
  3. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I am selling a like new Puig touring smoked windscreen. Includes all mounting bracket. I went with the Strada taller windshield. It cuts the wind off your chest. Only a couple of months old. No scratches, like new. $160.00 shipped. I am in Rocklin, California
  4. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    FOR SALE Windscreen removed from a 2016 Ducati xDiavel S. The windscreen was used for touring comfort and only has about 700 miles of use. There are no scratches, cracks, or rock/pebble damage. Included is mounting hardware for installation on the handlebars. The windscreen is an MRA brand...
  5. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Cheers, I picked up some takeoff items from someone who had a Gen 2, 2015 Diavel Stealth model. I have the OEM used windshield and upper headlight bracket for sale. You can paint them or keep it stealth original, all in great shape. No screws or bolts just the pieces in the picture. The...
  6. Wanted Dead or Alive
    Looking for the XDiavel Roadster Windscreen from anyone who no longer wants one they have. PM me.
  7. XDiavel General Discussions
    For me a Cruiser must is a comfortable seat with a backrest. This one was made custom by Corbin. Little glove box behind the backrest is big enough to store my heated jacket liner or other items. The seat is a little higher than stock and much more comfortable. I added the reward bars which...
  8. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Just purchased a used Gen 1 Original Red Diavel off eBay and it included a few parts I will not be using. I will only use Paypal as suggested and will not ship until payment is received. I have no idea the costs involved with shipping outside the US, so let me know if you are serious and I will...
  9. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Greetings I have a never used or installed or even un-bubble wrapped Touring Windscreen with necessary hardware for sale. Kit plexyglass Touring/Plexiglass Touring Kit - 969A10210B. Original price 382.60 plus tax. This was for my 2013 Blue Corse Diavel. Price is 275. Thanks for looking...
  10. Parts & Accessories For Sale
  11. Diavel General Discussion
    Greetings, Diavelistas... I have designed a custom carbon fiber windscreen for the Diavel. I am posting pix here to see what kind of interest there might be in purchasing such a product. I have partnered with a well-regarded manufacturer of "real" carbon fiber parts with the capability of...
  12. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I have a few premium items for sale. I have DP touring windscreen, 1 Schuberth C3 Modular helmet for sale and a MORIMOTO H7 HID Kit (new never installed) decided to go with LED bulb instead. The DP screen is used, but in great shape. Very minor cleaning marks on the screen. I can provide...
  13. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    Tired of looking for pictures of a 2015 diavel with a Ducati windscreen, so I purchased one myself.
  14. Diavel General Discussion
    Does anyone know if the windscreen of Diavel 2013 fits the Diavel 2015?. If not, any suggestions for a windscreen on the Diavel 2015?
  15. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    DP Roadster screen in excellent condition. Comes with original hardware (U Bolt, special screws and instructions) or BO.
  16. Forum News & Information
    Hey Guys, While attempting to install a new CF windscreen on my 2011 CB I discovered the two replacement screws designed to fit in the two middle holes are 2mm larger than the original screws and holes and therefore will not fit. What's the fix, new screws or rethreading the holes? Has anyone...
1-16 of 16 Results