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  1. XDiavel General Discussions
    Well I just got my XDiavel and have only been able to go riding once. I noticed that the front wheel definitely likes to come off the ground in sport mode which I love. My question is about traction control. Does the traction control also have wheelie control or is that another setting...
  2. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    I had a friend in a camera follow our ride last weekend. I'm not quite sure how else i would have got shots like this. If you have some holligan Diavel shots post them here!
  3. Diavel General Discussion
    Hey there Diavel Users! Just started out practicing wheelies on my carbon red, letting it roll in fist gear and then blipping throttle full open does the trick ! Just not enough courage yet, to do the same with slipping clutch to pop a wheelie at any speed. Anyone with some more experience...
  4. Diavel General Discussion
    Hi All, What is your experience with wheelies on the diavel? Not trying to be a highway hooligan here but, I am curious to understand how the power and torque of the devil face off against low CG and long wheelbase.... I read in other forums that if the DTC is set to 1 or better, completely...
1-4 of 4 Results