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  1. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    Hey fellow Diavel Riders, I'm a motorcycle enthusiast just as you are. I'm from Germany and recently started making videos about my passion. My last video is about the 2016 XDiavel and i wanted to share it with you and ask for your construktive criticism. I really don't want to obtain your...
  2. The Locker Room
    Anyone have advice for mounting a GoPro on the Diavel? Not a fan of the helmet mount, the chest position will kill the audio, and the tank seems like a clumsy spot making it hard to tuck or open gas cap. Really want a view of rpms, speedo, and road ahead, but the dual displays plus actual...
  3. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    Here's some GoPro footage of a ride near Austin, TX. Every Saturday we head out for a ride and grab some good ol' Texas BBQ. July 5th Ride: 1198, 1999 Panigale Tricolore, Diavel Dark and 899 Panigale. July 12th Ride: [media]http://youtu.be/MT6ksPESf84 Diavel Dark, Ducati 1199 Panigale...
  4. Chatter Room
    Wow, I just saw this and I'm expecting to have this on my helmet, oh, maybe next year. http://makingview.no...com/?page_id=23 They don't tell you how much without contacting them ... I assume that means it isn't obtainable by me yet. I can't wait to experience some of my rides looking...
  5. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    My buddy recorded a quick video of me zipping through some traffic at the crack of the dawn in Delhi! Enjoy the video with headphones and all credit is due to sid who is not on this forum! cheers, Sumit
1-5 of 5 Results