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  1. Chatter Room
    Well, I've gone and done it. Having been repeatedly inspired by the exploits of some of our more intrepid members (@Wahoo I'm looking right at you), I've decided to get into track riding. The track I'll be riding is 2 hours away, and only 1.8 miles long - far too small for such a large...
  2. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    I'm back . I was on this forum for a while. I had a carbon black diavel that I loved. I ended up selling it. One of my biggest regrets. Then I started doing track days and didn't miss it so much. I now realize age creeping up, so my knees and wrists can't take the full tucked position on...
  3. Diavel Modifications
    1st time posting to the forum... So after riding an 848 and a Panigale for years, I finally gave in and bought a 2015 Carbon White last year. I love riding the Diavel so much that I haven't ridden the Panigale but 4 or 5 times in the past 11 months--all of which were at the track. The Diavel is...
  4. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    Took her out to the roadracing track this weekend and did a few laps. It was quite a kick; definitely a change from my Gixxer. Had to take it easy around the corners (dragging toe) but the pick up and go out onto the straights was a rush.
  5. The Racing Forum
    http://www.northstar-dragway.com/ THURSDAY NIGHT TEST N TUNE 8.23.12 Come out to Denton, Tx if you want to run the 1/8 mile track..Would luv to see some Diavel's out there and line up with..
  6. Diavel General Discussion
    I had an opportunity to track my diavel a month ago. Some pics attached - not that they have anything to do with the rest of the post ;). Coming back to the point ... It was actually the first ever track day for bikes at the Indian F1 circuit. It all went very well and in fact my Diavel was the...
1-6 of 6 Results