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  1. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    Not to rehash, as I've seen some older posts regarding differences in recommended tire pressures, but what is the consensus about what works best? The frame sticker (no, Rex, it isn't still there!) specifies 32.7 psi F, 36.9 R (from memory). The Owners Manual specifies 36 F & R for one-up. I am...
  2. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    Autumn is upon us in NYC (early morning commute is starting at 45 to 50 F (7 to 10 C). Cold weather = cold tires = driving on banana peels. For those of you who are already driving (have already driven) in cold(er) weather, at what tire pressure have you found a good compromise to help tires...
1-2 of 2 Results