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  1. Diavel 1260 General Discussion
    Its that time of the year where I am having my Diavel in my garage. I noticed the exhaust is a bit dirty. I wanted to know what is the best way to clean the exhaust and not lose its charm. If I have published in the wrong area, I am sorry for that.
  2. Diavel Modifications
    Hello all, I just bought a 2012 Diavel Carbon that has what appears to be the full Termi exhaust. How can I tell if it was mapped? Is it correct that the first Generation Diavel's had a whole new ECU to swap in versus the red USB stick that Gen II or III use? Is that true? If it is a whole...
  3. Wanted Dead or Alive
    Title says it all - 1st Gen - Full termi setup if it matters. Wanting to give it a try and and see how much difference it makes. My bike came with the exhaust already changed and I've never heard it any other way than open. I wouldn't mind it being a little quieter.
  4. XDiavel General Discussions
    New XDiavel owner. I just started riding again after a long break due to carpel tunnel. Finally went through the surgery, so getting back on a bike was first on my list. I always wanted a Ducati, but after visiting my local dealer I quickly realized my cafe bike days are over. While there...
  5. Diavel General Discussion
    Hey guys, Just wanted some advice on purchasing new screws/quick fastening parts for the carbon heat shield of my exhaust system. I purchased 2 of each from a website however only 1 of the fastening pieces fit and the other gap was too small to fit another. Does anybody know where I can...
  6. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    swapping back out to my stock muffler before I trade it in my 13 dark for a 15 with a full system so I wont need this one..... was on my 2013 Dark 4500 miles...no dents.. great shape... carbon fiber tip/heat shield $800 OBO and shipping Thank you
  7. Engine & Exhaust Tuning
    Hi all - couldn't locate the buy/sell etc, so posted here - Wanting To Buy a Termignoni slip on (later spec) or Zard or something like that with d/b killer still in (preferred). I have the older (larger) Termis, but am after the later model to show off her beautiful wheels a bit more. Am willing...
  8. XDiavel General Discussions
    Hi everyone! I own a XD for almost one and a half years now. I bought and installed my Termi in September last year. The part was intalled in a Ducati dealer in my region. I few days ago I noticed some damage in the left exhaust part of the Termi. I thought it might have been a rock or...
  9. Wanted Dead or Alive
    HI, I'm looking for a pair of baffles (i.e. - dbkillers / db killers) for the Gen 1 full Termignoni exhaust. Let me know if you have a pair lying around.
  10. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    Hi, new to forum and new owner of an 2012 Black. Been searching forum for answers but nothing really definitive. Bike has a set of Termi's on it when I got it and really love riding this beast. Noticed that under hard acceleration (around 6-8k) getting misfire/fueling issue. Say go to give it a...
  11. Bikes for Sale
    My friend is selling his 2013 Ducati Diavel Blue with full Termignoni exhaust, tank bag, windshield. He bought this last year from Rockwell cycles, NY for a lot of money + installed full termignoni exhaust & had his ECU tuned from the dealer. Year: 2013 Title: Clean(No Liens) Mileage: 6760...
  12. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I removed the Termignoni exhaust from my Diavel because it was just too loud in a polite society. The sound definitely gets the heart racing, but I was definitely angering some of my neighbors. Approx 4k new, asking $2000 firm. Has less than 4k miles on it.
  13. XDiavel General Discussions
    Hi guys! I have XDiavel S and in my opinion stock exhaust is pretty quiet and soft. But I don't have possibility to see/hear Termignonis live, so if you have XDiavel with Termignoni exhaust, please try to tell how loud it is compared to stock exhaust? Termignonis seems to be pretty small, like...
  14. Diavel General Discussion
    anyone know if any other slip-on exhaust would fit the termignoni headers / mid-pipe? i got the full system and it works great, i just cannot stand the way the termi cans look. if they're two separate pipes, id like the to be separate, if not then make them one! anyway, aesthetics... wonder if...
  15. Engine & Exhaust Tuning
    So I installed the S1000RR's Termignoni slip on recently using an Arrow midpipe. I had picked up a battered Arrow exhaust on the forums long ago for $175, and the midpipe came from it. I could clean it and the rest of the header pipes up quite a bit with some sandpaper and sweat, but that's a...
  16. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Custom modified stock muffler from a 2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon Black. It's a "shorted" version of the original muffler canister assembly painted in Satin Black without any silencer parts "guts" inside, the catalytic converter section was not removed, so your emissions will not going to be...
  17. Diavel General Discussion
    Hello all, Seems like one of the ebay sellers agreed to my price... so I guess I am the new owner of a full Termi Carbon Fiber system. Question: do I have to get it installed by a Ducati dealer or a certified third party Ducati mechanic can assist? The Diavel is a brand new 2013 with 600 miles...
  18. Bikes for Sale
    SOLD. Thank you Diavel forum. Bike is going to California.
  19. Diavel Modifications
    Hi All, I have a new Diavel and want to add the Full Termi system. I notice that there are 2 models of FULL TERMIGNONI systems for Diavel. NEW 96480341A and 96459710B. I have tried to determine what the difference is and can't work it out, and can only conclude that the 'NEW' version is for...
  20. SOLD!
    Hi guys i 've sold my diavel and i sell my termignoni exhaust homologated: http://www.ebay.es/itm/151260313997?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 More information: [email protected] thanks. best regards from Mallorca (Spain) Rafa
1-20 of 27 Results