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  1. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hey guys & gals. I have three perfect never used carbon parts for sale. I am located in Fl USA. Ducati tank cover... made by Ilmberger (so it matches their design) , but this version is made for Ducati only. It is matte on top and gloss on the sides. Very durable powder coat. Also...
  2. How-To's
    Hey all... I need to get the tank cover off of my 2015 Dark to have the thing repainted. I started removing the air scoops, but I cannot seem to get them off. I got the obvious bolt on the side by the insert, as well as two bolts on the inside near the steering neck. I see two tiny bolts in...
  3. Diavel Modifications
    Hello all. I may get off of my '13 Cromo and onto a '15 Dark, but I want to make a Cromo of my own. It may seem silly, but I have my reasons. It "looks" like the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Dark share the same tank cover. If this is the case I surmise this shouldn't be an issue. Anyone know for sure?
1-3 of 3 Results