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  1. Diavel-Forum.com Member Forum Support
    I was all setup to go for a nice long ride today and the following happened when I took the cover off and tried to start my Ducati; I had my battery replaced at a Ducati dealership in NYC a few weeks ago and my Diavel started without any issues. I tried to start it today and it is acting as if...
  2. Chatter Room
    Why can't Mark Webber get of the start line? how hard can it be and if it is hard you are a highly paid professional race driver, surely you would practice till you get it right. What is the point of getting pole position if you loose 2 places before the first corner. If it was once or twice...
  3. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    My 2012 Diavel (red, fastest, most aesthetically pleasing, and best handling colour), now with around 1,400km on the clock, is yet to start from cold on the first press of the starter. It always starts the second time around. Generally starts first time when hot, though. Should I expect that...
1-3 of 3 Results