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  1. SOLD!
    Pit Bull brand hybrid, one armed, rear Ducati Diavel motorcycle stand (for single sided swimngarm). Great condition. $100 plus shipping. Pictures here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!...rpD5f8?e=dsGJYr
  2. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    Does anybody have any experience with the PitBull rear stand on their XD? I usually keep my bikes on a stand daily when not riding them. I saw a video that stated you must remove a safety clip to insert the stand on the drive side. My fear is that removing this clip every time I want to ride...
  3. Australia
    I recently saw the Bursig Stand for the Diavel and what a great bit of gear it would be... BUT, the cost would possibly be a grand by the time you get it here. Anyone seen an agent here in Oz? If not, any stands here that lift like the Bursig making it pretty easy to do chain, clean wheels or...
  4. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I have for sale bursig adapter for diavel $100.located in melbourne. I cant upload the picture as the file size was too big
  5. Diavel Modifications
    I emailed on-bike to enauire if they have a Diavel specific mounting. This is the more heavy duty one that is powered by a drill and lifts the bike much higher; it is heaver and does not come with wheels. http://www.on-bike.com/index.htm They came back to advise that they've been working on it...
1-5 of 6 Results