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  1. Diavel 1260 Aftermarket Accessories
    Anyone have a Corbin seat fitted on the 1260? I used the Corbin configurator to put this together. Having a 'hard' time with the stock seat after an hours riding and the comfort seat doesn't work for me either, apart from the added height which is good. Not too much choice for the 1260 yet but...
  2. XDiavel General Discussions
    I'm simply trying to remove the seat, but the key won't turn at all in the lock. Any suggestions? I clearly don't want to break the key off. The overall objective is to access the charging cables to hook up a battery trickle charger.
  3. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Aftermarket Sargent seat for Gen2 Diavel. No rips or tears, seat is in very good shape. White piping, carbon fiber texture in the rider's saddle. Comes with a little flashlight that's never been used. Paid $550 new, asking $200 plus shipping. I no longer have the bike, can't use this seat anymore.
  4. SOLD!
    Hi folks, I changed out this seat for the higher 'race' seat. Love the looks of this one and the leather has a nice patina. I believe this is the stock xDiavel seat with a leather cover - it was on the bike when I bought it. I have kept it up with saddle soap and conditioner - it has a few rub...
  5. XDiavel General Discussions
    Talk to me about improving how the Xdiavel copes with bumpy roads and potholes. British roads have an ever worsening problem with holes in the road, which can be hard to spot at dusk or nighttime. The Xdiavel seems to cope badly, but what can I do to improve matters? Would a change of...
  6. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    Hello, I am new to the forum, and as I am exploring it, it looks pretty cool. I am looking for a 2016 xDiavel backseat. My bike came with both the passenger seat with the backrest, and the small pillion for single rider set up. Unfortunately my backrest somehow broke. Does anyone still have...
  7. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    well, despite it being an awesome bike, I decided to downsize my ride. have the following stuff for sale prices in Cad $ hoping there are persons on Vancouver Island or maybe Mainland BC wanting a local pickup I can ship though ... ask for cost. list/sell no taxes obviously Touring...
  8. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Russell Day Long Sport seat for X Diavel. Have 2, selling this one. $200 plus shipping. Cloth seating fabric, will raise seating position over standard seat.
  9. Wanted Dead or Alive
    I want to buy a seat for Xdiavel. Model or condition not so important. Must be used in a new project
  10. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    When I sold my Diavel, I kept the seat cowl ( Lord knows why other than it fits on the back of the Touring seat i have for sale). I'll sell it separately, if someone needs it or could make a package deal ( Cowl and Touring seat) if someone is interested. It is Bright Black and has a few tiny...
  11. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Ducati Diavel Touring Comfort Seat PN 96700310B Retail $268 Asking SOLD(Shipped via USPS Retail Ground in US) In excellent condition.
  12. Diavel Modifications
    Before dropping $500 on a new seat I wanted to reach out to my forum brothers and get a few more opinions. I have heard great things about both brands, but some negative regarding Corbin and their "industrial" style and weight. I'm just shooting for the most comfortable and best fitting...
  13. Diavel Modifications
    My new seat cover material : bmw dakota leather
  14. XDiavel General Discussions
    Anyone compare the seat that comes with the XDiavel S (supposed to be different than standard XDiavel) and the optional Super Comfort Seat (plus) from Ducati? It comes in the touring pack with windscreen and tank bag and was wondering how it was different than the S seat? I see that it is 22mm...
  15. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    The seat has sold. I have a Ducati GT Seat in excellent condition for sale. You can see photos of every side/top/bottom at http://bit.ly/1OF3jnr Asking $200
  16. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hi, I have 2015 OEM Windshield & 2013+ OEM Seat. Paypal only for forum members 1) 2015 OEM Winshield 2015/2016 Ducati Diavel OEM Windshield. It will fit other years with additional hardware $75 + shipping http://longisland.craigslist.org/mpo/5552811831.html 2) OEM Seat Ducati Diavel OEM...
  17. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    SEAT IS SOLD> I'm selling my Corbin Comfort Seat as I am adding a bike to the mix. This is a great seat and far superior to the DP Touring seat. There is no comparison to the stock seat. I've had it on the bike for about 3,000 miles (just over 18 months). It is in excellent condition as...
  18. Diavel Modifications
    So my DP comfort seat is showing some wear on the suede-like fabric, like little bald patches. Anyone tried having it reupholstered? Thanks, Mike
  19. Diavel Modifications
    Thought I would share this. I had been reading various forums trying to get a view on a more comfortable seat as well as raising the seat height a little. I received a recommendation from a BMW site (my wife rides a R1200R) to talk to Ron at Contour seats. I did and ended up sending my seat to...
  20. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    this OEM seat is in perfect condition, no rips, stains, blemishes whatsoever.. $100 plus shipping from Ontario CANADA , paypal works ! email me at : [email protected] thanks, Les
1-20 of 34 Results