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  1. Diavel Modifications
    Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew anywhere in the North West of England that sells and installs a quickshifter for 2016 model. I was looking online and the tuneboy seems good and easy to install but I was apprehensive about flashing the ecu and messing with the software. Any advice?
  2. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    NO LONGER Looking for a TuneBoy Quickshifter kit. I ordered a new one from Wayne. Cheers, D
  3. Wanted Dead or Alive
    I just ordered a new one since the exchange rate is pretty good right now.. I want to add a TuneBoy Quickshifter to my Tuneboy installation. Just don't want to spend $500 on the klt to do it. Anybody got a TuneBoy quickshifter for sale? I already have the required licenses.
  4. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    I just had my dealer install a bazzaz fueler and QS system, the quick shifter some times it works fine through all the rpm range but alot of the time it miss shifts when accelirating hard, specially when going into 5th from 4th it either goes nuteral or falls back to 4th if the speed is not very...
1-4 of 4 Results