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  1. Diavel 1260 General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, Drop the bike on left side and the footrest forced the quick shift in a way that the driving rod was broken (screw stuck inside quick shift piece, pls see pics). I removed the piece of screw off but damaged threads so putting a new one didnt work well. I had to buy a new quick...
  2. Diavel General Discussion
    Hi all, the topic of quickshifters has previously been posted but it is now outdated by over a year so I wish to re-initiate the discussion here on a new thread and i'm hoping that there has been some new developments, products or new releases in the quickshifter world that would be suitable for...
  3. Diavel General Discussion
    Just read on the Multistrada Forum the TB QS has just been added to the current group buy program for $350.00. Just checked the Group buy link on this Forum and it is now listed. Santa Claus is coming early. Dave
1-3 of 3 Results