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  1. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Traded in my "lifetime" bike, a 2015 Diavel Carbon White, and have a ton of parts for it left around: >OEM Marzocchi forks, near perfect condition >OEM Sachs rear shock, near perfect condition >OEM front rotors, excellent condition >OEM seat >OEM handlebars >OEM levers >OEM mirrors including...
  2. XDiavel General Discussions
    Hello guys, how are u? I'm Artur, from Brazil, and I need help with someone parts. My XDiavel had oil leaks in 2 places. I need to know the name of the part or part number. *01 photo: I need the connector of the bomb Thanks
  3. Diavel General Discussion
    Hey guys, Just wanted some advice on purchasing new screws/quick fastening parts for the carbon heat shield of my exhaust system. I purchased 2 of each from a website however only 1 of the fastening pieces fit and the other gap was too small to fit another. Does anybody know where I can...
  4. Diavel General Discussion
    I posted this already but it seems like it got deleted or something. My 2016 carbon black was dropped by a friend, and a few things got damaged. The worst of it is the left radiator cover (the one with the emblem Diavel Carbon on it) Does anyone on the forum have some stock ones to sell off of...
  5. Diavel 1260 Aftermarket Accessories
    Hello all! Very interested in hearing about any new aftermarket parts for the Diavel 1260 (gen 3). Regards, Kurt Norway
  6. XDiavel General Discussions
    I am new to the Forum and this is my first post, so I apologize if this information is already available in a previous discussion. Looking for Shop Manual and Parts Manual for 2016 Xdiavel, my dealer just says " Ducati does not make them available" Thanks
  7. Suspension, Wheels, & Brakes
    I'm creating a new topic in order to (hopefully) make it easier for people find this valuable information that was down in the body of another thread. Ducati charges a LOT for many brake parts. And some - such as caliper pistons and seals - are simply unavailable through Ducati. If a seal...
  8. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    http://www.rubbersideup.com/ I found this, saw some really good Used Parts for sale. Hope some people will find this useful.
  9. Australia
    Hi guys, I'm just trying to find out the best places to shop on the internet for items for a 2015 Diavel. Things like: LSL Drag Bars, Carbon bits, Exhaust, Touring Seat and so on. Any info or links to places would be very much appreciated.
  10. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    For sale: 2013 Diavel OEM exhaust system offered after Termi upgrade. 11,000 miles on system, clean and not dropped. Parts located in Fairfax, VA. Priced for rapid sale: $150 OBO plus shipping. Need to clear precious condo storage space. Serious calls only: seven zero three - 7 zero 4 - 778...
1-10 of 11 Results